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Finding the right talent isn't easy.

Hours sifting through unqualified resumes.

Low response rates on cold outreach.

Certain jobs open for months.

Lack of diversity among applicants.


Headhunters & agencies are expensive.

Enter Wiseful - Our AI-powered software helps companies discover top talent from untapped, online communities and saves them thousands per hire.

Fill roles fast, without lowering the bar


Post your jobs on your company dashboard - identify your ideal candidate profile and share your requirements with our team.

Collect candidates from multiple channels - we distribute your jobs to the most relevant communities across the web.

Connect & interview vetted talent - filtered by our technology and curated by one of our Talent Sourcers.

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Trusted to hire the best in class

Trusted by high-growth companies to hire the best in-class teams.

Wiseful was a wonderful partner to Popular Pays as we were scaling our hires - proactively sourcing great talent, responsive communicators who understood our recruiting needs, easy to work with, and most importantly - they delivered.

Corbett D.

CEO / Popular Pays

Wiseful was very helpful with each search we started. We often changed role specs and the profile we were targeting as we are an evolving startup and Wiseful was able to adapt and adjust to continue providing strong candidates. Communication was also strong!

Amanda P.

Sr. TA Partner / Ethena

Modern Hiring for Modern Teams.

Discover Better Talent

Access talent no other job board or recruiting agency can find with a total reach of 8M+ professionals.

The best talent aren't hanging out on job boards, reach them where they actually spend their time.

Find Hidden Gems

Recruit 2x Faster

Save time reviewing and interviewing candidates that aren’t qualified or interested.

Reduce your time to hire by weeks not days.

Get Your Time Back

Reach Diversity Goals

Over 70% of hires made through Wiseful are from underrepresented backgrounds.

Engage authentically & build relationships with candidates from underrepresented communities.

Expand Your Reach

Lower Cost per Hire

Save up to 75% each year on recruiting expenses. Reduce reliance on recruiting agencies and high labor costs.

Reinvest $ back into other parts of the business.

Start Saving

Flexible plans

Different plans for different needs.

Paperplane - Elements Webflow Library - BRIX Templates

Pay Per Hire

For those making one-off key hires or teams needing full life-cycle recruiting support.

Access & interview curated candidates
Includes sourcing, screening, & interview coordination
Support from our experienced recruiters
Pay a fee for each candidate you hire
Discounted rate for exclusivity
17-20% Base Salary

Flexible plans

Different plans for different needs.

Paperplane - Elements Webflow Library - BRIX Templates

Per-Hire Plan

More hands-on support for making key hires.

Access & interview curated candidates
Includes sourcing, screening, & interview coordination
Support from our experienced recruiters
Pay a fee for each candidate you hire
Discounted rate for exclusivity
20% Success Fee

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“Wiseful is an amazing partner with each role we need help with! They're clear communicators and understand our needs which helped us land the candidates we needed and build a more diverse pipeline in the process..”

Heather S.

Co-Founder at Praxis Labs

Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of roles can I hire for and where are the candidates located?

While not an exhaustive list, our clients have used us to hire for the following roles: engineering, product, design, sales, marketing, data, finance, project management, operations, e-commerce, and leadership roles. Most of the talent that has been hired is typically at the mid-level up to leadership.

We also have a total reach of 8M+ candidates (and growing) with a majority of that reach in North America (US & Canada).

Are candidates actually looking for jobs on these other platforms?

Yes! 79% of job seekers say they are likely to use social media in their job search and this increases to 86% for millennials & gen Z. Additionally, 71% of job seekers rely on referrals to find their next role. We like to think of our platform as a 'referral engine' for your hiring since you're tapping into the trust of the online communities they spend the most time in. Candidates are more likely to engage with your jobs and brand because it's coming from a place of trust (their communities). Even if they're not explicitly going to another social platform to find a job, we find that most people are open to considering a new job if you share it with them and it's the right fit.

Where do the candidates come from?

We have partnerships with communities & creators across various platforms such as Discord, Slack, LinkedIn, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram, Twitter, and more to access talent in those communities. This unique approach to sourcing candidates gives us an advantage in not only in reaching a bigger talent pool but we also get better response rates.

How is this different than other recruiting resources (LinkedIn, job boards, agencies)?

Job boards are notorious for generating hundreds of unqualified candidates that you need to sort through. While LinkedIn is a dominant player in the space, InMail response rates have been going down and it's harder than ever to get the attention of the best candidates there. (Some) recruiting agencies can be helpful in targeting the right candidates but are often expensive and aren't scalable. We solve all those issues by focusing on less volume (quality vs. quantity) so you aren't spending hours sifting through unqualified candidates, we get higher response rates by actually 'meeting people where they are' on other platforms, and we offer a more cost-effective solution in the process.

How quickly can I expect to see candidates

You'll start to receive matches for your job(s) in the first 24-48 hrs. Most clients start to see candidates in the first 24 hrs.

I still have questions, who can I talk to?

For additional questions, feel free to drop us a note at

You can also book an exploratory call with us here.

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