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Chloe L.

Director of Recruiting at Apollo

I use this list weekly to see what new people are added. We actually just hired someone who's amazing and she starts on Monday!

Abigail C.

HR & People Operations at vFairs

Really appreciate you putting the list together. It's been a helpful guide for sourcing.

Ty N.

Recruiting Lead, UseNash

Thank you! It has been helpful. I’ve been able to make great use of it.

Mal M.

Recruiting, Audible

So what's the deal with The List?

We've aggregated all the layoff lists floating around on the Internet then built our own on top of it to create one list to rule them all.

Candidates Added Often

Since the layoffs don't show any signs of stopping, we'll continue adding new candidates to The List each time we get an update. When you subscribe, you'll get notified via email of new candidates added.

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Find Out Who's Still Looking

We parse the data every month to identify and filter out candidates that recently landed jobs. Save hours by focusing on active candidates. As an added bonus, we'll keep candidates who landed jobs on the list tagged as "passive."

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Filter for the Right Match

Filter by past company, title, layoff date, function, location, and if a candidate is active or passive. You also get access to a candidate's LinkedIn profile and email for direct outreach.

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So who's on the list?

21K+ Total Candidates with 6K+ actively looking

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How is The List different than other layoff lists?

We're the only list filtering out candidates that have already landed jobs each month whereas other lists are static and never updated. This ensures you can focus on reaching out to candidates that are still looking and open to interviewing. Second, we have the biggest layoff list in the industry with 15K+ candidates (and growing). We've built this by continuously scraping all the different layoff lists floating around on the web plus we've been promoting direct sign-ups to build on top of that. More than half of our list came from direct sign-ups so most of these people won't be on other lists.

Who is this for?

Any recruiters and hiring managers at companies looking to hire. If you're a headhunter or 3rd party recruiting/talent agency, you can only access our list by signing up for our premium option at this time.

How do I contact candidates on The List?

Each candidate on the List will either have an email address or LinkedIn profile (a majority have both) so you can contact them directly through those channels.

What if I have more questions?

Let us know! Reach out to us at, and we can help answer any further questions.

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